Fifteen Eighty Four

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Do Debates Matter?

A few weeks ago on May 15, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump agreed to at least two general election debates: one on June 27, 2024 and one on September 10, 2024.  The first debate...

Kim L. Fridkin, Patrick J. Kenney | 22 Jul 2024

Understanding Entrepreneurial Decision-Making

Entrepreneurship has been the theme of my research for four decades. My first article on entrepreneurship was published in 1984. I must confess, however, that I had not truly understood the nature of...

Weiying Zhang | 29 May 2024

Emoji in Literacy Training and Healthcare Communications

Since emoji gained global diffusion in the early 2010s, emoji characters have coalesced into a self-contained language that people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds use on a daily basis,...

Marcel Danesi, Janice C. Palaganas, Omonpee W. Petcoff | 29 May 2024

Ethics in Econometrics – A Guide to Research Practice

Econometricians develop and use methods and techniques to model economic behavior, create forecasts, to do policy evaluation, and to develop scenarios. Often, this ends up in some advice. This advice...

Philip Hans Franses | 28 May 2024

The Spread of the Modern Central Bank and Global Cooperation

Central banks have not always been as ubiquitous or as economically and politically prominent as they are today. A century ago, some two-thirds of the world’s countries didn’t have one at all (see...

Barry Eichengreen, Andreas Kakridis | 23 May 2024

Secrets of our genome: Small RNAs conduct the molecular orchestra of life

The actions of genes are fundamental to life as we know it. But how is your genome’s prodigious output controlled? What checks and balances ensure the right ‘amount’ of gene activity in each of...

David C Henshall | 21 May 2024

Research Design

To the public at large, scientific “facts” constantly seem to change. Some of these changes are dramatic. When I was a child there were nine planets in our solar system. However, a child born today...

Alan E. Kazdin | 15 May 2024

How Islam Rules in Iran

How Islam Rules in Iran questions prevailing assumptions about the Iranian theocracy by demonstrating that the Islamic Republic has deep and continuously evolving ideological and jurisprudential roots....

Mehran Kamrava | 13 May 2024

Communicate Compellingly, Not Academically

Are you tired of your reports, emails, memos, even social media posts going unread and unappreciated? Here’s the solution, with my five favourite tricks for writing which really makes an impact. Prepare...

Simon Hall | 10 May 2024

Just Following Orders: From Perpetrator Testimonies to Brain Research

One night in 2013, I found myself watching a documentary on television about a criminal investigation. Watching such documentaries was not uncommon for me, as my studies in neuropsychology and criminology...

Emilie A. Caspar | 8 May 2024

The Necessary Mix

Market favoritism has been aggressively supported for more than 50 years by the Right and adopted by many on the Left. The emphasis has been on the priority of markets over government for solution to...

Joseph P. Tomain, Sidney A. Shapiro | 6 May 2024

Uniting Slavists Across the Traditions

A linguistic rift runs down the North Atlantic. On its American side linguistics seems to begin and end with phonology, syntax and semantics. On the European side, the picture is much more complex, as...

Wayles Browne, Danko Šipka | 1 May 2024