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Fifteen Eighty Four


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  • 30 Dec 2016
    William Thomas Okie

    How the Big Apple Made the Georgia Peach

    One of the things that surprised me as I conducted research for The Georgia Peach is how unsouthern Georgia peaches are. Don’t get me wrong: Prunus persica has grown in southern soil that southerners sometimes owned, and many southerners have planted and pruned the trees and harvested the fruit. Samuel Henry Rumph, who released the […]

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  • 21 Dec 2016
    Nonlinear Optical Systems, 2015
    Luigi Lugiato

    The LLE and Patern Formulation

    Luigi Lugiato, author of Nonlinear Optical Systems , 2015 discusses the equation he formulated with Renè Lefever to provide a paradigm for pattern formation in nonlinear optical systems

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  • 20 Dec 2016
    Baudouin Heuninckx

    Matryoshka Dolls and Defence Procurement

    Cambridge University Press recently published my book The Law of Collaborative Defence Procurement in the European Union. Now many people ask me: “Your book is about defence procurement, right? So why do you have matryoshka dolls on the cover?” Well the answer is simple: I use the image of matryoshka dolls to conceptualise collaborative defence […]

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  • 19 Dec 2016
    Applied Psychology
    E. Scott Geller

    Applied Psychology: Actively caring for people

    Blog post written by Scott Geller, Editor and Co-Author Some have suggested B. F. Skinner was a dreamer, authoring the book Walden II about a utopian society in which everyone lives ideal interdependent lives (Skinner, 1948). I have also been called a dreamer by many in the behavioral science community because of the 4.5 decades of […]

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  • 19 Dec 2016
    Kjell G. Nyborg

    Understanding the role of central banks in the Eurosystem’s collateral framework

    Kjell G. Nyborg, author of Collateral Frameworks: The Open Secret of Central Banks, undertakes forensic-style research into the Eurosystem’s collateral framework.

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  • 13 Dec 2016
    Curbing Catastrophe by Tim Dixon
    Timothy H. Dixon

    Curbing Catastrophe: Following the Money, and Dying from Coal

    Ebell to Lead EPA Transition: Following the Money, and Dying from Coal US President-Elect Trump recently picked Myron Ebell to head the transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ebell has no formal background in environmental science (he trained as an economist). He works at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a think tank that receives […]

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  • 12 Dec 2016
    R. Keith Sawyer, Michael A. Evans, Martin J. Packer

    Learning Sciences: A Virtual Round-table (Week Seven)

    Three experts discuss learning sciences in the final week of a seven week long virtual round-table discussion.

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  • 6 Dec 2016
    Nicolas Dupont-Bloch

    How to ‘Shoot the Moon’ – top tips on lunar imaging by astrophotographer and author, Nicolas Dupont-Bloch

    In his new book, Shoot the Moon, astrophotographer Nicolas Dupont-Bloch explains and demonstrates how you can capture impressive images of our nearest neighbour in space using a variety of different techniques. Covering equipment ranging from smartphones and DSLRs to specialist planetary cameras, whether you are a novice without a telescope, an amateur developing your skills in imaging, or an experienced astrophotographer, you will benefit from the author's expertise. Here, he offers fifteeneightyfour readers some exclusive top tips on capturing that perfect lunar image.

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