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Fifteen Eighty Four


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  • 14 Dec 2017
    Vito Tanzi

    What economic role should the state promote in a market economy?

    Vito Tanzi, renowned economist and author of Termites of the State, discusses the industrialized world's economic development during the 20th century to today...

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  • 8 Dec 2017

    100 Years Ago, the world of galaxies in the making

    For most of us, 1917 reminds us a year in the terrible World War I. While European scientists were on the battlefront, in America, their colleagues away from the frontlines were pursuing their research. For astronomy, 1917 was a year of reckoning. 1917 when astronomers got a grasp that our Milky Way was one of […]

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  • 7 Dec 2017
    Nick Forster

    Can Women Transform the Economies of the Middle East and North Africa?

    Amid widespread and often heated contemporary debates about an existential ‘clash’ between the ‘Islamic World’ and the ‘Christian West’, there is growing evidence that Arabic-Muslim women are already playing much more influential roles in their societies and national economies. My recent book, A Quiet Revolution: the Rise of Women managers, Business Owners and Leaders in […]

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  • 6 Dec 2017
    Roger Luckhurst

    Let the Companion to Dracula In

    In this blog post Roger Luckhurst, editor of The Cambridge Companion to 'Dracula', explores the various adaptations and critical reception of Bram Stoker's famous Gothic novel 'Dracula'

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  • 5 Dec 2017
    The Late Sigmund Freud by Todd Dufresne

    The Optimistic Freud? Thoughts on Life and Death

    Winning essay written by Michael Poirier… Civilization and Its Discontents represents a continuation of Freud’s work in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, wherein he posited the existence of a death drive that opposes the drive toward life. In doing so, Freud firmly established himself as a dualist that saw life as a struggle between the life and […]

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  • 28 Nov 2017
    Tandy Warnow

    Computational phylogenetics for algorithms designers

    Phylogenetic trees and multiple sequence alignments are used in many biological analyses, including protein structure and function prediction, microbiome analysis, and the inference of human migrations. Yet, constructing these trees and alignments turns out to be much more difficult than expected on large datasets. Tandy Warnow explores these difficulties and how algorithm designers can best develop new methods to address these issues.

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  • 23 Nov 2017
    Mario Melletti, Erik Meijaard

    Why you need to pay more attention to wild pigs and peccaries

    November 23, 2017 sees the publication of Ecology, Conservation and Management of Wild Pigs and Peccaries by Mario Melletti and Erik Meijaard. In this post the authors bring to light the importance of these often-overlooked species.

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  • 22 Nov 2017
    Andrew Frisardi

    Editing and translating Dante

    My aim in editing and translating Dante’s Convivio (or “Banquet”) has been to make an edition that provides nonspecialist Dante enthusiasts and students with all they need to explore this work of Dante’s middle period, which he composed circa 1304–7, between his youthful work the Vita nova and his masterpiece the Divine Comedy. To realize […]

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