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A far-reaching food adventure

A Movable FeastA Movable Feast97805217935372.gif
Do you know when the shopping cart was invented (1937) or which country produces and consumes the most butter? (India) Do you know what the world’s best-selling food is? (sugar) Are you aware that chocolate was once used as a currency or that pepper was once worth its weight in gold? Of course you don’t, but you’ll learn those things and so much more if you pick up a copy of Kenneth Kiple’s A Movable Feast which, in the words of The Economist, is “brimming with curious tidbits” about ten thousand years of food globalization.

We all have to eat so we all have some sort of relationship with food. A Movable Feast takes an entertaining look at that relationship, specifically how the things that we eat got onto our plate…from a historical point of view that is.

The book is fun, fascinating, engaging and well worth some of your summer lounging time…

…and where else are you going to learn that the onion was once used to cure foot fungus?

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