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Can there be an external peace without inner peace?

Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

This book examines a wide variety of psychological perspectives on peace and presents a new conceptualization of peace by focusing on its underlying components.

A force lives perpetually and persists most powerfully when it has an inner drive routed within the base compared to an external force. Passion may exemplify as an unstoppable force instead of external cues, which fail to overcome the tests of challenge and time. Claims of external peace seem to be overabundant in our modern world; claims by almost all leaders and followers of our world appear to advocate peace and fight for rights and justice. Nonetheless, the world remains rife with strife.

Does the psychological examination of peace ultimately lead us to a recondite exploration of human nature? Does an animalistic definition of humanness bring us genuine peace? Can the world live pretentiously in peace, or it requires unmasking disguised forms of impersonifications?

Delving into the roots of all chaos, imbalance, and conflicts in our world leads to a clear understanding that all this external peace lacks an authentic inner base. Most of the psychological parlance on peace seems to be devoid of a recondite examination of the inner side or internal drive for peace.

Exploring the essence and nature of inner peace would open a more serious question on whether an innerness may exist or not. If there is no innerness, can there be genuine external peace?

The book “Psychology of Inner peace: Discovering Heartfulness” proposes a new understanding of peace with distinct features. The book questions the mind-oriented mentality and propounds a profound shift towards a novel orientation of heart and heartfulness.

The author argues that most of what we know by the name of peace would make us macerate into ostentatious modes of calmness underneath which lies roaring storms of unrest and tension. The book calls for revisiting psychology’s approach towards understanding peace and argues how a heartful-oriented approach may illustrate the possibility of achieving international peace.

The Psychology of Inner Peace by Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi
The Psychology of Inner Peace by Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

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