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  • 14 Jul 2020
    Björn-Ola Linnér

    Will the Corona pandemic be the societal disruptor we’ve been waiting for?

    The Corona pandemic and the ensuing recovery packages seem poised to bring about disruptions that will define world politics over the coming decades. Ultimately, the disruptions may trigger transformations of the world’s societies as we know them – for better, for worse. A societal disruptor is an occurrence that interrupts a system or a process […]

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  • 15 Jun 2020
    Nicola Dimitri

    COVID-19, the Crisis and the Necessity for European Cooperation

    The coronavirus pandemic, even as it induces great anxiety and fear over people’s health, is at the same time causing disruption to our societies’ economies on a scale that is perhaps unprecedented. In Italy, at least in the period after World War II, no comparable crisis has been experienced before. For anything like the same […]

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  • 19 May 2020
    Eleonore Stump

    Defiant mourning

    Like everybody else, I am an inhabitant of this planet; and I am a member of many other smaller communities too. I am an American citizen, for example. I was made a citizen from birth retroactively by the US government after World War II when babies born to US servicemen and German women were declared […]

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  • 28 Feb 2020

    New Families, Old Problems: New Family Forms and the Law

    Dr Lydia Bracken, University of Limerick, Ireland Although the sexual family structure consisting of one heterosexual mother and one heterosexual father living with their genetically related offspring continues to occupy a privileged position in many countries, ‘non-traditional’ and ‘new’ families are on the rise.  Variations in family structure have become possible (and necessary) due to […]

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  • 15 Jun 2019
    Mike Berners-Lee

    What is it like to record your own audiobook?

    Author Mike Berners-Lee gives us an insight into what it’s like to record an audiobook version of his book “There Is No Planet B“ “ When I write, I am thinking of myself talking, which is why people say my books sound chatty and why, in a way, audio is the most natural format for […]

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  • 21 Jun 2017
    Bert A. Spector

    “Bad Muslims” and Other Manifestations of a Simple Mindset

    In the hours and days following the June 3 rampage on London Bridge and Borough Market – a number of political leaders issued calls for travel bans and internment camps for Muslims. Predictable, maybe, but nonetheless disturbing. Any number of commentators, not to mention federal judges, have suggested the serious shortcomings of such “solutions.”  My […]

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  • 1 Feb 2017
    Timothy H. Dixon

    #MuslimBan The Importance of Diversity

    Timothy H. Dixon author of Curbing Catastrophe is a Professor of Geosciences at the University of South Florida, in his newest article he discusses the need for diversity in the natural world as well as human society.

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