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  • 29 Apr 2024
    Kim L. Fridkin, Patrick J. Kenney

    Choices in a Chaotic Campaign:  Looking Forward to the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election

    We write this blog knowing the 2024 presidential election will be a rematch of the 2020 contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  We are not fully aware, though, how changes in the political landscape from 2020 to 2024 will alter how citizens make decisions at the ballot box.  In our book, Choices in a […]

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  • 23 Apr 2021
    Michalinos Zembylas

    Affect, Right-Wing Populism and Education

    The electoral victory of Donald Trump in the United States in 2016, Brexit in the same year, and particularly the emergence of right-wing populist movements in Europe (e.g., France, Germany, Austria, Hungary) and other parts of the world (e.g., India, Turkey, the Philippines) during the last few years have revived academic and public discussions about […]

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  • 1 Oct 2020
    Jeffrey A. Hall

    Are We Going to Keep in Touch Once This Is Over?

    LAWRENCE, KS— The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we keep in touch, but will it last when face-to-face conversation is safe again?  I’ve been interviewed dozens of times about my new book, “Relating Through Technology” (Cambridge University Press). Journalists keep asking me, do you think this will transform our habits of mediated connection? My […]

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  • 24 Sep 2020
    David A. Ellis

    Smartphones within Psychological Science

    Smartphones within Psychological Science provides a comprehensive insight into where psychology has benefited, struggled and failed when it comes to understanding or using mobile technologies as part of the research process.    Technological innovation has allowed psychologists to make exciting advances in almost every area of the discipline. Today, researchers across health, social, personality and […]

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  • 14 Jul 2020
    Fanny M. Cheung, Diane F. Halpern

    Why We Need an International Perspective on the Psychology of Women and Why We Need It Now

    Psychology is way too weird. By that we mean that it is overwhelmingly the study of people who are White, Educated, and live in countries that are Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. A study of the research participants in one of psychology’s leading journals found that 85% of the samples were representative of fewer than 7% […]

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  • 3 Jun 2019
    Philip Graham

    Myths about Gay Men – Philip Graham

    Author of Men and Sex, Philip Graham, explores common myths about Gay Men to support Pride Month 2019. Visit www.cambridge.org/pride2019 to find out how Cambridge University Press are supporting Pride 2019.

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  • 27 Feb 2019
    Helen Fisher

    Fast Sex; Slow Love – Courtship in the Digital Age

    Helen Fisher, author of 'SLOW LOVE: Courtship in the Digital Age' from 'The New Psychology of Love', 2E, edited by Sternberg & Sternberg, discusses romance and dating in the digital age.

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  • 16 Jul 2018
    Ralph Ellis

    Intellectuals, Totalitarianism, and “Post-Truth Culture”

    Did we, as intellectuals, perhaps unwittingly, play a role in preparing the ground for what is now called “Post-truth Culture”?

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