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  • 13 Nov 2019
    John W. Snedden

    10 Ways that the Gulf of Mexico “Super Basin” has Reinvented Itself

    If you want to understand how it went from being called the “Dead Sea” to the world’s most important “Super Basin”, read the new book Gulf of Mexico Sedimentary Basin: Depositional Evolution and Petroleum Applications.  This is the first comprehensive study of the basin and its petroleum endowment in almost 40 years. With an estimated […]

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  • 3 May 2010
    Craig Collins

    The Dementia of Petroleum Addiction?

    While the Gulf oil slick worsens, still spilling from a capsized wellhead and pressing ever closer to coastline towns, the blame game has exploded across the public sphere. Craig Collins, author of Toxic Loopholes: Failures and Future Prospects for Environmental Law, weighs in on the politicking to offer his vision of why this crisis demands a reconsideration of America’s heavy reliance on petroleum – economically, environmentally, and morally.

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