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  • 7 Sep 2023
    Limor Yehuda

    Enhancing International Human Rights Law’s Role in Promoting Peace

    Human rights law particularly the right to equality and non-discrimination, seem to come in tension with the use of democratic power-sharing, a pivotal tool for achieving peace in regions plagued by ethnonational conflicts. However this prevailing interpretation of human rights law is unhelpful and unnecessary, and a more comprehensive approach is needed to support the […]

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  • 12 Mar 2020
    Julian Cribb

    Call to invest 20% of global arms budget in ‘food for peace’

      Investing one fifth of the global arms budgets in a new world food system will end hunger everywhere – but also greatly increase prospects for world peace. “At present humanity invests around 25 times more money in better ways to kill ourselves than we do in better ways to feed ourselves. That is not […]

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  • 2 Jan 2020
    Julian Cribb

    Hotspots for future ‘Food wars’ identified

    Rising tensions over scarcities of food, land and water combined with increasingly unstable climates threaten to unleash new wars and the mass flight of hundreds of millions of people by the mid-century. ‘Food or War’ identifies the nine regions globally most at risk of conflict over dwindling food resources, water especially. “Media and political descriptions […]

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  • 7 Jun 2019
    William H. Wiist

    Nuclear Weapons: Still a Threat to Public Health, and Growing

    Lead editor and an author of 'Preventing War and Promoting Peace', William H. Wiist, outlines his argument on why nuclear weapons are a growing threat to public health and suggests roles for health professionals in advocating reduction of nuclear weapons.

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