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  • 6 Mar 2013
    Sarah Conly

    Why Paternalism is Justified

    Sarah Conly, author of Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism, offers her expert opinion to our Book Club debate by arguing that paternalism isn't as bad as we tend to think.

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  • 27 Feb 2013

    Virtual Roundtable: Paternalism

    Six contributors to the new book Paternalism: Theory and Practice join us in a roundtable discussion to explain what paternalism really means and how it is affecting our lives. Should other people be allowed to make decisions for us, even when those choices are in our best interest? Join the conversation.

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  • 20 Feb 2013

    The Cambridge Book Club features Paternalism

    This month's Cambridge Book Club pick is all about ethical issues associated with paternalism. Should other people, like government officials, be able to infringe on our rights to choose the way we eat, work, socialize, spend, live, and die? Learn more with this exclusive excerpt.

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