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  • 19 Jul 2022
    Linda K. Hughes

    Victorian Women Writers and the Other Germany: Cross-Cultural Freedoms and Female Opportunity

    How Progressive Writers, Anna Jameson to Vernon Lee, Sought and Found An Alternative Germany. LADY BRACKNELL German sounds a thoroughly respectable language, and indeed, I believe is so. MISS PRISM.[Calling.] Cecily, Cecily! … intellectual pleasures await you. Your German grammar is on the table. Pray open it at page fifteen. We will repeat yesterday’s lesson.CECILY.[Coming […]

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  • 31 Jan 2022
    Dennis Denisoff

    Why did Americans envision Oscar Wilde as a mushroom?

    Why, in 1882, did Harper’s Weekly publish a cartoon by Thomas Nast depicting Oscar Wilde as a mushroom? The question is one that marks the crucial influence of British decadence on the shape of modern ecological thought. The spores of this story appear as early as 1871, when critic Thomas Maitland (aka Robert Buchanan) turned […]

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