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  • 2 Mar 2018

    A Journey Through the Life of Friedrich Kellner, diarist of My Opposition: A German Against the Third Reich

      My Opposition: The Diary of Friedrich Kellner – A German against the Third Reich    

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  • 1 Dec 2009
    Stephen H. Norwood

    Shades of 1938: Colleges quiet a critic of Islam

    In last Friday's Daily News, Stephen Norwood attacks Princeton and Columbia universities for their cancellations of speeches by Nonie Darwish - feminist and critic of radical Islam.

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  • 4 Nov 2009

    A Nazi at Harvard

    In Anthony Grafton's review of "The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower" for the NYRBlog, the indictment and complexities of US-German ties in academia in the buildup to World War II.

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  • 11 Aug 2009

    Norwood gets the Page 99 Test

    Stephen Norwood applied the Page 99 Test to his The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower. It “focuses on Columbia University president Nicholas Murray Butler’s expulsion of Robert Burke for leading a student protest against his sending a delegate to Germany to celebrate Heidelberg University’s 550th anniversary, a carefully orchestrated Nazi propaganda festival.”

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  • 18 Jun 2009

    Inside Higher Ed Reviews Norwood

    Inside Higher Ed reviews the latest book by Stephen Norwood, The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower. Norwood's research uncovers years of complicity and cooperation between American Universities and Nazi Germany in the years running up to WWII.

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