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  • 18 Feb 2022
    Newspaper on a table
    Christopher Wlezien, Stuart N. Soroka

    Media Coverage Isn’t as Bad as You Might Think

    It is entirely reasonable to believe that media coverage is systematically flawed. In some ways, it is! Too much attention is paid to violent crime (Altheide 1997; Soroka 2014). Tweets are increasingly presented as representative public opinion (McGregor 2019). Changes in media technology have facilitated, and quite possibly enhanced, political polarization in media sources and […]

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  • 27 May 2020
    Michael Toolan

    Media, language and corona

    Plagues, pestilence, inundations and devastations, usually visited upon a complacent people, are as old as our oldest myths (perhaps we should have paid them more attention). But in Covid-19 and the global misery and havoc it is causing there is also something new and terrifying, never encountered in quite this way before. And as with […]

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  • 20 Oct 2017
    Philip Seib

    Terrorism Is Evolving, Not Being Defeated

    Philip Seib, author of As Terrorism Evolves, explains how extremism has altered since the war on terror began.

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  • 23 Oct 2013
    Dean Anthony Gratton

    Media Convergence

    The media industry is not oblivious to the convergence phenomena as many Hollywood, American and British media giants are all consolidating their efforts and diversifying their content delivery. Further fueling the Lawnmower Man Effect (LME) supposition with consumers permanently connected to the wide area space, audio/video content can today be sourced from almost anywhere.  We […]

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  • 7 Feb 2011
    Marshall Poe

    Technology Drives History, It Just Doesn’t Drive it Very Far

    Here’s an interesting thing. Many professors despise the idea that technology drives history. “Technological determinism,” they say, is a cardinal intellectual mistake like belief in the tooth fairy. No right-thinking member of Club Academe would or should embrace it. In contrast, most regular folks intuitively believe that technology drives history.

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  • 9 Feb 2010

    What articles get shared?

    The New York Times reports on a Penn-Wharton School study of what makes an article get shared most, or go “viral.” The results are surprising and refreshing. Apparently, you guys like science! Read it!>>

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