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  • 24 Feb 2010
    Burton A. Weisbrod, Evelyn D. Asch

    Rainy Days in Higher Ed

    Often considered vital to the financial health of private colleges and universities, endowments provide necessary income for the yearly budget as well as a safety net of savings for a rainy day – for if, say, the economy falls into a recession. Why, then, are leading academic institutions hoarding their money while slashing faculty, financial aid, and programs? On Inside Higher Ed, Mission and Money co-authors Burton A. Weisbrod and Evelyn D. Asch give some perspective on the leading universities that are squirreling their savings away.

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  • 4 Mar 2009

    ‘Mission and Money’ in Higher Ed

    Burton Weisbrod, one of the authors of Mission and Money did a very interesting Q & A with Inside Higher Ed today. Questions of university funding are now swept up in our economic mess, and for now, no one’s asking if endowments are too big. Weisbrod’s answers poke a little further into how universities really […]

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