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  • 23 May 2012

    Test Your Good Thinking

    What do economists mean when they refer to you as a “rational agent”? Why might a psychologist label your idea a “creative insight”? And how can different scientists disagree on the results of experiments that assess our risk for disease? The problem-solving methods that these experts use affect our daily lives, determining whether we are guilty or innocent, where we should invest our money, and whether the medicine we are taking is effective. But their decisions often seem counterintuitive to you and me - and sometimes they just seem wrong.

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  • 7 May 2012

    Good Thinking: Seven Questions for Denise Cummins

    Over the course of my teaching career, I became aware of something rather alarming: Science majors know all about hypothesis-testing, philosophy majors know all about argumentation, and business students know about economic theories. But they know very little about research in disciplines outside of their majors. And then these bright and well-educated people are asked to evaluate proposed economic, legal, or medical policies, and sometimes even to vote on them. How are they to do that when there are holes in their knowledge bases where crucial pieces of information should be?

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