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  • 13 Oct 2020
    Corinna Hawkes

    To solve problems we must connect systems

    It’s been hard to make sense of COVID-19. At least, I have found it hard. So many deaths. So many changes to everyday life. So much political strangeness. So much uncertainty about the future. This blog post was originally posted on “The Better Food Journey” and is cross-posted with permission. The blog builds on the […]

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  • 14 Oct 2019
    Julian Cribb

    Risk of food wars rising

    Ours is the Age of Food. Food is a central obsession in all cultures, nations, the media and society. There is a rising danger of ‘food wars’ – conflicts over food, land and water – as the world food system begins to crack under the combined pressures of climate, water scarcity, toxicity and soil loss. In […]

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  • 10 Feb 2012
    Joanne M. Ferraro

    Carnevale in Venice: Indulging in the Floating City’s Treats

    As winter mists envelope Venice’s exotic skyline, with domes, rooftops, and towers retreating mysteriously like ghostlike forms, celebrations of Carnival cut through the fog and bring the floating city to life. Merry, magic, drinking, and feasting fill the crisp February air.

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