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  • 4 May 2015
    Luke Skywalker figure battling Darth Vader figure
    Andrew Martin

    May The Fourth Be With You… and your book shelf

    Today is ‘May The Fourth’ – a day that excites millions of fans of the Star Wars franchise worldwide, and plays on the film’s famous ‘May the force be with you’ line. Later this year, those fans will be treated to The Force Awakens – the first new Star Wars film since 2005’s Revenge Of The […]

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  • 30 Mar 2012
    Marie C.

    How G.R.R. Martin Won the Game of Thrones—Without Stealing Tolkien’s Ring

    Let’s conduct a little experiment. When I say “fantasy,” what immediately comes to mind? Do you think of fearsome dragons, fair maidens, ambitious quests, valiant (and sometimes not-so) kings, and all-knowing fairies? Or do you imagine a certain hobbit trying to destroy a certain ring? Perhaps a certain wizard with a certain lightning-shaped scar on his forehead?

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