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  • 11 Jan 2022
    Pat Rogers

    The Shortest Way into Eighteenth Century Britain

    Arguably, Daniel Defoe’s Tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724-26) is the single most comprehensive, detailed and insightful guide we have to the state of the nation as it moved into the modern era. Does that claim look over the top? If so, let’s see how the argument runs. For starters, we shouldn’t […]

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  • 5 Feb 2020
    Alison DeSimone, Matthew Gardner

    Who Benefits?

    What can musical benefits tell us about the ecology of performance in eighteenth-century Britain? Why did musical benefits become such an integral part of a performer’s work in the eighteenth century? How similar were benefits for performers to those for charities? What did musical benefits look like across Britain, in comparison with those in London? […]

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