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  • 9 Aug 2019
    Robert H. Blackman

    How Brexit is like the French Revolution

    No past event gives us a perfect guide to understand current affairs. Nevertheless, we could do worse than use our shared past to help us think through the remarkable political changes Britain has experienced since the 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union. One event in particular shares much of the political drama Britain has […]

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  • 26 Jul 2019
    Neil Murphy

    Henry VIII’s Final War: Conquest, Colonialism and Violence

    In the summer of 1544, Henry VIII invaded France with 36,000 soldiers – the largest army sent overseas by an English ruler until the reign of William III (1689-1702) – and captured the town of Boulogne and tens of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land in what was the greatest expansion of English territory […]

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  • 18 Apr 2019
    Frank J. Garcia

    Trade, Trump, and Brexit

    As an American, I can’t help but read the slow-motion drama that is Brexit through the lens of the 2016 Trump election. Each is a referendum on a half-century of internationalist and neoliberal policies at home and abroad, and on the political establishment (both liberal and conservative) responsible for implementing them. Both have made it […]

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  • 11 Feb 2019
    Pat Thane

    A Divided Kingdom? A View of 20th Century Britain

    Are we really a United Kingdom? In a year that has seen the British public trying to grasp the politics at play with the dreaded B-word, we look back at some key moments in British politics and social surveys since 1900. Pat Thane’s remarkable analysis of data across the 20th Century United Kingdom outlines with clarity the […]

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  • 8 Jan 2019
    Courtesy of DAVID HOLT | Flickr
    Anthony Bale

    Is Brexit a ‘crusade’?

    The political and economic agenda of the United Kingdom has been dominated for the last two years by the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum. A few days after the referendum, in which 52% of voters voted to leave the European Union, the Islamic State organisation praised Brexit for destabilising ‘crusader Europe’. ISIS represented a […]

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  • 20 Feb 2018
    David McCrone, Frank Bechhofer

    If You’re English, Vote for Brexit

    That England (and Wales) voted Leave in the Brexit referendum of 2016, and that Scotland (and Northern Ireland) voted Remain is now a fact of political life. People resident in these different parts of the UK voted differently for Brexit. But what is going on beneath the surface is more complex. Recent research (reported in […]

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  • 31 Mar 2017
    Kenneth A. Armstrong

    Author Kenneth Armstrong reflects on the triggering of Article 50 and what happens next now the clock is ticking

    Kenneth Armstrong is Professor of European Law at the University of Cambridge and Director of the Centre for European Legal Studies. His new book is Brexit Time In this exclusive article for 1584, he explains how Brexit is shaped by time: and now that the formal process for withdrawal from the EU has begun, he examines how this process is unfolding and its possible implications.

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  • 5 Jan 2017
    Pankaj Ghemawat

    The Laws of Globalization Still Stand

    The shock vote in the UK to leave the European Union took place just weeks before I completed final edits on my new book The Laws of Globalization and Business Applications.  And the month after it was released, Donald Trump was elected President in the US after running a strongly anti-globalization campaign. Bad timing for […]

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