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  • 17 Mar 2010

    Speaking with the Dictionary of Irish Biography Blogger

    Meet Bill, author and originator of the Dictionary of Irish Biography Blogspot. His mission statement: The new Dictionary of Irish Biography from the Royal Irish Academy and Cambridge UP. 9 volumes, 10,000 pages, 10 million words, 9700 lives. A mammoth account of Irish lives from the earliest times to 2002. I'm reading it from beginning to end. The Dictionary of Irish Biography - more affectionately, DIB - is the most comprehensive and authoritative biographical reference work on Ireland. From James Ussher to James Joyce, St. Patrick to Patrick Pearse, St. Brigit to Maud Gonne MacBride, Maria Edgeworth to Elizabeth Bowen, Edward Carson to Bobby Sands, this indispensable resource outlines the careers at home and overseas of prominent men and women born in Ireland, north and south, and the noteworthy Irish careers of those born outside Ireland. I had the chance to ask Bill a few questions about this adventure that he’s embarked on. Read on to learn about his motivations, expectations, and revelations.

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