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  • 27 Feb 2023
    Wendy J. Schiller, Kaitlin Sidorsky

    Guns and Domestic Violence: Why Federal Laws Fail to Keep Women Safe

    Tausha Haight, her five children and her mother were all shot to death in January 2023 by her husband, whom she had filed for divorce from just weeks earlier, and who had been investigated for child abuse two years before that. Less than a month later, Linda Robinson and her son Sebastian were murdered by […]

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  • 16 Mar 2021
    Susan F Martin

    Biden on immigration: The first six weeks

    While running for office, Joseph Biden set out an ambitious platform of reforms he intended to make on immigration and refugee policy. Judging by the first six weeks of his Presidency, he is keeping his word. Much more needs to be done to fix what had already been a broken system when Donald G. Trump […]

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  • 5 Mar 2021

    The Biden Agenda

    Joe Biden has become President of the United States at a time when the country faces acute crises on many fronts. The most pressing—in both health and economic terms—is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the country must also confront the environmental and energy implications of climate change; deep racism across American institutions; ongoing weakness in […]

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