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  • 19 Oct 2023
    Mor Harchol-Balter

    The Importance of Probability in Computing

    A Q&A with Professor Mor Harchol-Balter, author of the new Cambridge textbookIntroduction to Probability in Computing In today’s blog post, we’re delighted to catch up with the author of a ground-breaking textbook on probability for computing. We’ll discuss the inspiration behind the book, its target audience, and unique features that make it stand out from […]

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  • 1 Nov 2017
    Ewan Fernie

    Shakespeare for Freedom Interview

    This interview with Kiernan Ryan and Ewan Fernie, author of Shakespeare for Freedom, was recorded at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust on 10th May 2017.

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  • 22 Sep 2016
    Robert Scott

    Time is precious — optimize your approach to learning general relativity

    Robert B. Scott, author of A Student's Manual for A First Course in General Relativity, 2016 considers the personal and professional reasons for writing his book and the best aspects of solutions manuals, offering advice on solving problems and getting the best out of the many resources available for learning general relativity

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  • 8 Feb 2016
    Female marine. Photo: Expert Infantry via Creative Commons.

    The gender politics of military service

    Author Dorit Geva discusses her novel approach to studying the gender politics of military service in France and the United States.

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  • 6 Jan 2016

    Author Interview: Barry Leadbeater

    Barry S C Leadbeater, author of The Choanoflagellates: Evolution, Biology and Ecology (2015) tells about his early career and why he chose to write his latest book.

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  • 17 Dec 2015
    Salpingoeca sp. - Choanoflagellate. Photo: Barry S. C. Leadbeater.
    Barry Leadbeater

    The Choanoflagellates – Evolution, Biology and Ecology

    My interest in choanoflagellates came about by accident. In 1970 I spent a month in Norway attempting to collect coccolithophorids (calcified phytoplankton) which are usually present in coastal waters during summer. However, August 1970 proved to be an exception in that there were no coccolithophorids but instead I encountered mysterious looking single-celled flagellates each within […]

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  • 25 Nov 2015

    When Kids Go Online

    Participants:  Patricia Wallace, the author of The Psychology of The Internet John Suler, the author of The Psychology of the Digital Age Kent Norman, the author of Cyberpsychology Raphael Cohen-Almagor, the author of Confronting the Internet’s Dark Side   The rise of the digital age has posed many new challenges to parents as their children […]

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  • 12 Oct 2015

    How Apparel Made the Atlantic World

    Robert DuPlessis, the author of The Material Atlantic, answers questions about the textile industry in the early modern period, the rise of Atlantic trade, and the birth of fashion--they're all connected!

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