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  • 12 Jan 2009

    James Watt: Monopolist

    The Ludwig von Mises Institute posted a look at our own Boldrin/Levine project Against Intellectual Monopoly on their blog back on New Year’s Eve. I missed it until now, but it’s worth a read. In  this first chapter excerpt, Boldrin and Levine view copyright and innovation through the lens of James Watt, steam engine inventor […]

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  • 25 Aug 2008

    Technology and a Better World

    The Times Editorial Observer featured Make Magazine’s Mister Jalopy today, who issues a simple request: Please make it easier for us to tinker with your stuff. Yes, many of us marvel at technological wonders, but others want to engage it, play with it, and even make it better. ‘Mister Jalopy’s latest mission is taking the […]

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  • 13 Aug 2008

    Using A Mallet to Smash Shiny Myths

    Full of whacking metaphors?! My favorite kind of review! Marginal Revolution takes Against Intellectual Monopoly to task. In addition to all the whacking, poster Alex Tabarrok does my other favorite kind of review; one that really engages the authors and argues nuances with them. “Against Intellectual Monopoly is a relentless, pounding, take no prisoners attack […]

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  • 31 Jul 2008
    Batman symbol
    David K. Levine

    “Dark Knight” Lasts 38 Hours Before Pirated

    David K. Levine on keeping your monopoly just long enough to benefit from it -- but not so long as to be, well, a monopoly. Further, Dark Knight did it without government intervention!

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  • 28 Jul 2008
    David K. Levine

    Trademark Abuse

    This post, from David K. Levine‘s Against Monopoly, along with the ensuing discussion, poses some questions: Do trademarks represent an identity? What rights do we have to our identities, corporate and otherwise? From AM: “As you may know I am much more favorably inclined towards trademarks, than other forms of intellectual property. (Michele is less […]

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