Tina Miller

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Tina Miller

Tina Miller is a Professor of Sociology at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Her research interests include family lives and transitions, gender and identities and reproductive health. Tina has lived and worked in the Solomon Islands and Bangladesh and has a particular interest in cultural dimensions and the situated nature of everyday experiences. She has been an advisor at the World Health Organisation and contributed to think tanks, political parties and parliamentary committees in the UK and at the EU. She regularly participates in TV and radio programmes in relation to her research and publications on motherhood, fatherhood and managing paid work and care in contemporary family lives. Tina is the author of three Cambridge University Press monographs; Making Sense of Motherhood: A Narrative Approach (2005), Making Sense of Fatherhood: Gender, Caring and Work (2010) and Making Sense of Parenthood: Caring, Gender and Family Lives (2017).

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