Neville M. Jadeja

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Neville M. Jadeja

Dr Neville M. Jadeja is fascinated by EEGs. They allow the workings of the brain to be seen in real time. Learning how to read them is challenging, but that's makes them interesting. Dr Jadeja completed medical school in India, and during his internship at Jacobi Hospital (The Bronx, New York), where he encountered many cases which prompted his decision to become a neurologist, one of them was a patient who returned from a fishing trip in the Caribbean to find that every time he touched something cold, he would feel hot – the diagnosis of ciguatera poisoning from eating a Barracuda only fuelled his interest. Dr Jadeja went on to complete a neurology residency at Einstein and then moved to Boston to train as an epileptologist. Currently, he serves as a staff neurologist at the University of Massachusetts. This book reflects his techniques in teaching the reading of EEGs. Connect with Dr Jadeja on Facebook @neurobooks and on Twitter @NevilleNeuroMD.

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