Graham Griffiths

Fifteen Eighty Four


Graham Griffiths. Research Fellow: City, University of London. Member of the editorial board of Opera Musicologica (St Petersburg Conservatoire). Editor: Kashperova Edition (Boosey & Hawkes).

Author: Graham Griffiths

Graham Griffiths is an Honorary Research Fellow at City, University of London and a member of the editorial board of the St Petersburg Conservatoire. His publications include Stravinsky's Piano: Genesis of a Musical Language (Cambridge University Press, 2013) and he is a contributor to British Post-Graduate Musicology-online (2005), Abécédaire Stravinsky (2018) and The Cambridge Stravinsky Encyclopedia (2020). He was Founder/director of the contemporary music ensemble Grupo Novo Horizonte de Sao Paulo (1989-99) and Vice-President, Sociedade Brasileira de Musicologia (1995-97). He is editor of the Kashperova Edition (Boosey & Hawkes).

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