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Rapid changes in earth’s vital signs draws attention to the importance of changing senses of place

Christopher Raymond

Unprecedented surges in climate-related disasters coupled with rapid biodiversity loss, technological transformations and contestation associated with mobility and migration and post-national territorial claims are forcing all humans to question our security in the world. A new Cambridge University Press book entitled “Changing Senses of Place: Navigating Global Challenges” edited by Christopher Raymond, Lynne Manzo, Dan Williams, Andres Di Masso and Timo von Wirth deals with the critical question of how can humans navigate the contested forces of stability and change in the face of multiple interconnected global challenges. They argue that the concept of sense of place established over five decades ago needs to change, or to be conceptually revisited, given that our experiences of place are changing. They provide multiple lines of evidence to show how global challenges reshape existing configurations of people–place relations, which gain in richness, complexity, interconnectedness and, above all, plurality and dynamism. To cope with the new interfaces between changing senses and changing places, they call for a pragmatic shift from ‘sense’ to ‘senses’ of place, which encompasses the “plurality of place-related meanings, interpretations and values that are continuously produced, contested, negotiated, reconstructed and embodied by individuals and among collectives of people in relation to changing physical, social, political and ideational environments.” This book is essential reading for those seeking a new understanding of the multiple and shifting experiences of place.

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Changing Senses of Place by Christopher M. Raymond , Lynne C. Manzo , Daniel R. Williams , Andrés Di Masso and Timo von Wirth
Changing Senses of Place by Christopher M. Raymond , Lynne C. Manzo , Daniel R. Williams , Andrés Di Masso and Timo von Wirth

Title: Changing Senses of Place: Navigating Global Challenges

Edited by: Christopher M. Raymond, Lynne C. Manzo, Daniel R. Williams, Andrés Di Masso, and Timo von Wirth

ISBN: 9781108477260

First Publication 5 August 2021 Order online
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Available for institutional access via Cambridge Core

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