Michael Toolan

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Michael Toolan

Michael Toolan is a Professor of English Language in the Department of English Language& Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. Most of his research and publications have concerned literary stylistics and narrative analysis, but have also addressed critical discourse analysis, the language of the law, and integrational linguistic theory. He has been editor of the Journal of Literary Semantics for nearly twenty years, and has served as Chair of the International Association for Literary Semantics and of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA). His most recent monographs are Making sense of narrative text: situation, repetition, and mental picturing (Routledge 2016), and The Language of Inequality in the News: A Discourse Analytic Approach (CUP, 2018). Continuing the latter interest, concerning how the public discourse in the UK has habituated us to a more unequal society, with Eva Gómez Jiménez he has co-edited a collection of papers entitled The Discursive Construction of Economic Inequality: CADS Approaches to the British Media, which is forthcoming this year from Bloomsbury.

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