Michael Boyden

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Michael Boyden

Michael Boyden is an associate professor of American Literature at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is the author of Predicting the Past: The Paradoxes of American Literary History (2009). He has edited several journal issues, most recently an issue of Early American Literature on the 'New Natural History' (2019). Boyden has also edited two collected volumes, Tales of Transit Narrative Migrant Spaces in Transatlantic Perspective (with Hans Krabbendam and Liselotte Vandenbussche, 2013) and Reverberations of Revolution: Political Upheaval Seen from Afar (1750-1850) (with Elizabeth Amann, forthcoming). He is now working on a new monograph, provisionally entitled Climate and Sensibility in the American Tropics.

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