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After Bush: Iraq, Foreign Policy, and the Candidates

The New York Times’ recent article on McCain’s visit to Iraq highlights a sticking-point for the presidential candidates’ campaigns – the war factor. But will anything really change? Our own Sadhika...

19 Mar 2008

Parsing Spitzer’s Apology

Nick Smith is professor of Philosophy at the University of New Hampshire with a particular interest in how apologies work. He’s also a former trial lawyer for a major New York law firm. What does...

Nick Smith | 17 Mar 2008

Spy-Tech Mondays

Kristie Macrakis, author of Seduced by Secrets brings us some of the gadgets of the Stasi’s hidden spy-world, one photo at a time. There are a lot of cool images surrounding the hidden world of espionage,...

Kristie Macrakis | 17 Mar 2008

Beer vs. Wine Fridays

Grape vs. Grain author Charles Bamforth weighs in on Fridays with his ideas about the relationship between beer and wine, as well as some little-known facts. I was recently in a restaurant with a bunch...

Charles Bamforth | 14 Mar 2008

Weekly Link Round-up

It’s Friday! I don’t know about you folks, but I’ll be relaxing with the family. Always nice to see them in NYC. What’s happened here last week? Read on: Nick Smith, author of I...

14 Mar 2008

Does Eliot Spitzer have a Normal Personality?

A New Way of Thinking About the Spitzer Scandal I am a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University in Columbus who has been studying human motivation for a decade. The media has been...

Steven Reiss | 12 Mar 2008

May 8, Anchor Brewery: Book Launch – Grape vs. Grain

Come meet Charles Bamforth and hear about his new book: Grape vs. Grain at a most fitting venue, Anchor Brewery, San Francisco, CA. The event is free. May 8, 2008 5:30pm 1705 Mariposa Street He’ll...

11 Mar 2008

Coming Soon: The Poetry of War – James Winn

The Poetry of War is on its way to booksellers. James Winn launched the book at an event on March 4  at Boston University. Be on the lookout! From the time of Homer and before, poets have embraced war...

7 Mar 2008

TIME Magazine: The Science of Experience

TIME Magazine sought the, well, expertise of Anders Ericsson, author of The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance for its recent cover article on experience. Ericsson is a professor at...

28 Feb 2008

NPR visits NASA-Goddard to view Our Changing Planet

Weekend Edition Sunday paid a visit to two Cambridge editors to discuss their work in climatology and their new book, Our Changing Planet. Listen here! Michael King and Claire Parkinson gave Liane Hansen...

18 Feb 2008

Six Questions for Joost Hiltermann

Harper’s Magazine has just recently posted “Six Questions for Joost Hiltermann.”  Hiltermann is the author of our new book A Poisonous Affair: America, Iraq, and the Gassing of Halabja. ...

10 Jul 2007

A far-reaching food adventure

Do you know when the shopping cart was invented (1937) or which country produces and consumes the most butter? (India) Do you know what the world’s best-selling food is? (sugar) Are you aware that chocolate...

9 Jul 2007